Brand: Oasis

Product Code: ESS-OAS033879001

UPC: 092026182822

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Continue to improve the taste of the water in your water fountains by changing out your Oasis VersaFilter filter every six months or 1,250 gallons used. This filtering system provides a flexible water treatment solution which effectively reduces chlorine, odor, lead, and cysts, improves the taste and appearance of drinking water, and offers the highest performance in the most user friendly package available. The multi purpose VersaFilter system is available as a replacement system for your existing Oasis water fountains and certain competitive-brand water fountains. It is recommended as a companion install to the Oasis Electronic Hands-Free Bottle Filler Retro Fit sku, item OAS504791. Installing the VersaFilter system in your existing compatible water fountain, in tandem with the Electronic Hands-Free Bottle Filler Retro Fit unit, will provide delicious, filtered water for both the fountain and the bottle filler. For use with Oasis brand P8AC(SL), PG8AC(SL), and P8AM(SL) water fountain series, Sunroc ADA8AC(B) water fountain series, and Haws HWUACP8(L) water fountain series. Sunroc ADAD8AC(B) water fountain series, Haws HWUAC8(L) water fountain series, and Elkay EZS(TL)8 and LZS(TL)8 water fountain series. Water Filters Type: Bottle Filler Filter; For Use With: Elkay EZS(TL)8 and LZS(TL)8 Water Fountain Series; Haws HWUAC8(L) Water Fountain Series; Haws HWUACP8(L) Water Fountain Series; Oasis Brand P8AC(SL), PG8AC(SL) and P8AM(SL) Water Fountain Series; Sunroc ADA8AC(B) Water Fountain Series; Sunroc ADAD8AC(B) Water Fountain Series; Filtration: Chlorine; Cysts; Lead; Odor.