Brand: Stone Pro

Product Code: EMP-414051QUART


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Formula 51 Stripper Stain Remover Concentrate Heavy Duty Wax Stripper

Surfaces: Natural stone surfaces, granite, marble, travertine, limestome, terrazzo, slate and saltillo pavers.

  • Removes topical coatings and waxes
  • Safe for all natural stone. No odor
  • Removes light mortar and grout residue
  • Water-based formula. Fast acting degreaser
  • Quickly dissolve, remove and re-emulsify products such as tar, wax(es), heel marks, scuffs and light grout residue
An excellent degreaser, stripper and stain remover. Safely removes most acrylic, wax and lacquer coatings and finishes from natural stone, masonry and concrete. Removes deep seeded staining in polished marble grout joints. Formulated with aqueous solutions of MEA (monoethanolamine) to neutralize and remove hardened and cured compounds, tar, heel marks and topical coating from natural stone.