Brand: Comsemtech

Product Code: COMS-22002

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  • THE ORIGINAL - By Comsemtech - Made of heavy, high quality terry cloth
  • USE AND WASH - Fresh, clean and sanitary SH-WIPE each time you need to mop
  • MULTIPLE SURFACES - Great with marble, tile, wood, vinyl, hard surface floors, walls and windows
  • HOME AND PROFESSIONAL USE - Great for your house and used in the professional industry
  • SH-WIPEs are absorbent, two-sided and reversible. Meant to be used with SH-MOP 8" x 15" base


The original SH-WIPE terry cloth mop cover by Comsemtech. This is a replacement cover for the SH-MOP, but fits most 8in x 15in mops. Use over and over again - machine washable heavy terry cloth. Ideal for mopping marble, tile, hardwood, bamboo, vinyl flooring and more. Use them dry to dust floors, walls and ceilings. Use them for damp, wet mopping or full wet cleaning. It is like hand-wiping your floors with a towel. Change SH-WIPEs when dirty - simply remove and machine wash. You can use the SH-WIPE with water or your favorite hardwood floor cleaner. The SH-WIPES won't leave any lint on your floor and leaves a cleanly wiped surface.


SAVE MONEY by reusing these SH-WIPEs for years to come yielding possibly hundreds of uses! Customers love using the SH-MOP. Never have your hands in dirty water, simply pull it when dirty and replace with a clean SH-WIPE, removing the SH-WIPE and tossing in the laundry bag to re-use a clean, sanitary mop. The SH-WIPE fits perfectly around the SH-MOP, elastic material is stretchy covering the mop like a glove - you won't have any issues of the cover falling off while you mop. The SH-MOP head is big and flat so you can get a lot of surface area done quickly. Works great to reach difficult areas like corners and under cabinets. Clean half your floor, flip the cover over and use the other side to finish the cleaning!