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Product Code: FYW-CBP505U


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Perfect for home, offices and break rooms, Brio is proud to offer a commercial grade bottle-less water system (also known as Point of Use or POU). Enjoy the bottle water quality with none of the cost and help save the environment with the Brio Premiere CBPC500U Point of Use Water Cooler. These coolers provide you with the same heavy-duty framework and internal hardware of the high-end coolers traditionally leased and sold through by professional water delivery companies, but at a significant cost savings. The main purpose of a P.O.U cooler is to eliminate the hassle of not having clean and fresh water when you need it. Brio P.O.U coolers are made with the highest quality components and are backed by a two-year warranty. These coolers are as simple as 1-2-3; just take the cooler out of the Box, install the R.O. system, plug the cooler in and you're ready to go.